PYP Exhibition 2010: Global Dimensions

My Exhibition Journal

March 2nd, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today my students did a great job! After they have finished making students questions and personal on  going questions, they continue to start the tuning-in stage. They picked strategy they want to use for presenting their prior knowledge on their focused topic.

I’ve got three amazing groups which are very cooperative. The first group decided to have post box activity. They wrote down some questions (which are their groups’ students questions) then tried to answer them based on their PRIOR KNOWLEDGE. The second group chose to do the PMI on Prior Knowledge activity in which they need to write down their prior knowledge based on the plus, minus, and interesting points. It was an awesome activity since the students came up with stories, facts, and issues happening around them and around the world as well. The third group was doing “Talking to Pictures” activity. They picked one picture (they did googling) about their focused topic then they made up some questions related to the pictures and they tried to answer them based on the knowledge they have known.

The students enjoyed the activities since they planned and picked the activities by themselves. Some of the groups have finished (need to finalized the tasks) and some of have not finished which means they need to continue it tomorrow. It was hot and tiring today but were having a great time!!

March 3rd, 2010

Dear Diary,

Today was a fantastic day! My students continue their tuning in process. After they have finished, they presented their prior knowledge to the other groups. It was nice to see everyone of them spoke up and shared their prior knowledge to other friends. Jeni, my special student did a great job by finding interesting picture (the picture was some children from different nationalities and background carried one huge key altogether), she shared her prior knowledge on what she knew about the picture based on the questions she has made before. One of my best student, Nico came up with such an amazing knowledge about the history of slavery in USA and how Lincoln as a president at that time coping with the problem. I found the great discovery of how students related their knowledge to the real life (their life experience or other people’s experience).

Tomorrow will be another more grateful day with my students! I plan to record their presentation using handycam and I have taken some pictures but haven’t uploaded yet  to the blog. I promise I will as soon as possible!

I also plan my studnets to start talking about their finding info and what they are going to do in finding information. Probably start with finding out what they are willing to find out and how to find out! Awesome! Cant wait for tomorrow!

It is a hard day (as I need to finish langauge scope and sequence to be brought to tomorrow morning meeting!) but I’ve done a lot of great things today and I’m happy for that!!!! What a productive day! See you!

Thursday March 4th, 2010

Dear Diary,

I started the morning with the meeting with my grade team about Exhibition. We shared about our groups progress. Also we talk about the things that we need to do for next week! weeewww tons of works should be finished before holiday!

Today I guide my students to continue design their summative task and formative tasks. I ask my students to list down possible things they can do for their summative and formative tasks. I asked them to list down as many action as possible (actions which they have done in their previous summative or their lies). Then they need to classified the actions which can be feasibly done for their summative tasks.

My students came up with a great idea of how summative task look like. One group plans to hold a puppet show to promote the cultural diversity. Another group plans to make a movie maker. The idea of the summative is still rough though because they need to think more about that and it will be on going process ( we will give them deadline until next week to finish the format and also the content of the summative).

Tomorrow they are starting the finding info and I asked them for tonight findng resources on internet and hopefully tomorrow they can come up with great resources to be used in finding info!

I am exhausted now! I need a break!!!!!

See ya!



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