PYP Exhibition 2010: Global Dimensions

Children’s Mini Conference on Diversity and Conflict Resolution


Exhibition group Diversity 1-6 and Conflict Resolution had done a Children Mini Conference on Diversity and Conflict Resolution as a part of their taking action stage in the exhibition process. The theme of the mini conference is “Spreading the Mission of Peace to Create a World in Harmony”. The mini conference aims to promote tolerance and understanding among children from different social backgrounds, religions, beliefs, faiths, creeds, and races. It will bring students together for presentation and discussion about human diversity and conflict and current issues as well as engage them in activities that require them to use teamwork and build friendships. 

The event was held on Tuesday, April 20th, 2010. It took place in Elementary Staffroom, from 08.00 am-15.00 pm. We invited students with different schools backgrounds from in and around Surabaya (SD Al Hikmah, Al Falah, SDN Sambikerep 2, SD Muhammadiyah 15, Surabaya European School). Each school will send a maximum of 10 students and one Teacher in Charge to take part in this mini conference.It is expected that at the end of the mini conference, each participant create better relationship with others and created a peace declaration which they may then present to their school community.

The conference was very successful. It could create a declaration of peace. In the declaration, all participants committed to take further the knowledge they have got form the conference to their school community. They promised to create peace and be able to resolve conflict happening in their daily lives.


Children’s Mini Conference on Diversity and Conflict Resolution

In the name of love, freedom, peace, unity and harmony, we declare that we all must spread the mission of peace to create the world in a harmony. In the name of: Diversity and Conflict Resolution group of Sekolah Ciputra Surabaya, Great Crystal International School, SD Al Falah, SD Muhammadiyah 12, SDN Sambikerep 2 and Surabaya European School, we declare peace between us! Let there be no conflict between us at all and together we will spread peace around the world!

From this unforgettable Children’s Mini Conference on Diversity and Conflict Resolution, we decided to spread the mission of world peace. We decided that this action will go with each of us forever. We will do some simple actions that can affect the world. The actions that we have chosen are:

  1. No putting down. No bullying each other. Stop hating each other. No fighting. No prejudice. No vandalism
  2. Respect each other’s differences (races, religions. Family backgrounds, educations, social backgrounds, etc)
  3. Make friends with everyone. Treat everyone equally
  4. Don’t judge people by their differences
  5. Be open minded. Tolerant and supportive to others
  6. Discusseach problems to find solutions
  7. Never differentiate between other because despite our differences we are all the same

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