Sekolah Ciputra SMART board workshop for high school teachers (February 8th, 2011)

Today I was one of the presenters of smartboard workshop for high school teacher. There were four of us; Helen Hutton, Taylor Oughton, Yan Yulius and me. There were four classes consists of around 12-15 high school teachers per each class. I was very excited because I could share my experience using smartboard in my classrooom and the basis use of smart board.

In the beginning of the workshop, I played a video titled “Why are smartboards easy to use?”. I found out that the video was a good opening. It talked about reasons why smartboard is such an easy tool to use. It is because its features; the touch recognition, and the SMART board software. It was so great to share my skills, knowledge and experience to others and found out they were so open and found this technology would be very useful for them.

smart board challenge

After playing the video and sharing a little bit, I set up some SMART board challenges for the teachers. The challenges needed to be done in pairs and all they needed to do was doing the challenge they had in the paper given. What inside the challenge paper were some activities they were going to perform using the smartboard. Since this workshop was about the basic use of smartboard, so the focus of learning were the use of pen tray, practicing touch recognition and exploring the software includes the gallery, lesson kit, and other features of smartboard.

smart board challenge!

It was fun to see the teachers were excited playing the smart board and hopefully this workshop at least could be the beginning of their learning and teaching journey using smartboard in their learning and teaching. At the end of the workshop, I closed the session by playing an inspiring video “The Magical Classroom”. It was a beautiful closing since it wrapped up the point of the workshop which was to inspire teachers to apply smartboard into their classroom.


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