PYP 5 Unit of Inquiry

Making an Essential Agreement in Puberty Unit: PYP 5

Some of the students presented their group's proposed statement to be put in the class essential agreement

In the current unit my students are inquiring into Puberty and some changes happen during Puberty. They are finding out information about some changes that happen during puberty and strategies to deal best with those changes. This unit is a quite challenge unit for both me as a teacher and my students. So, my class make an essential agreement so that the lesson can run well.

Here are some statements in the agreement:

  1. We will respect the teachers and ourselves when we get new knowledge about Puberty by not joking and giving negative comments
  2. We will use the knowledge and the scientific terms that we have learnt in this Puberty unit responsibly
  3. We will not do or say inappropriate words to all people, especially to our friends, both girls and boys
  4. We will be responsible for our own learning in this unit, especially when we use the internet to search for information
  5. We will be more responsible for ourselves by taking good care of our body, health, and controlling our emotions
  6.  We will be open to both teachers and parents if we have got some questions, inquiries, or problems in relation to Puberty

The agreement is also going to be sent home so that parents know that their child is learning Puberty responsibly at school. Also, parents and teachers can altogether hand in hand support each other so that students can really use their knowledge responsibly.


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