10 ways to support your students language learning

When supporting language, pay attention to….

  1. what students must know in understanding the content
  2. look through the materials you plan to present. what language content are there?
  3. make sure you use english as much as you can , but listen to students mis translating what you say
  4. make sure your students communicating with thinking.
  5. speak clearly but not unnaturally slowly
  6. support what you say with gestures
  7. keep in meaningful. keep it related to the content, not just talking
  8. provide a lot of opportunities for students to use language
  9. positively reinforce, praise successful spoken communication
  10. the goal is language using as well as language learning, unless learners are supported in using language for content learning then CLIL cannot succeed
IALF CLIL Workshop 
Des Kearney

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