5 Aspects to be considered when giving feedback on student’s writing

Giving feedback in students’ writing is essential so that students can produce better writing. Here are 5 aspects of a student’s writing:
  1. Task achievement. content?
  2. Appropriacy. Is the style appropriate? Does it have contractions? Is it too formal or informal? forms of address? would it offend the reader?
  3. Organization. Does it have good paragraphing? punctuation? capital letters? cohesion? connection? referencing? repeating the main idea?
  4. Range of language. grammatical language?
  5. Accuracy of language. The use of verb, tenses, articles, collocation? vocabulary?

Coherence and Cohesion

coherence: making sense

coherent text is relevant to its context or to other text

cohesion: connection of elements

linkers, pronoun reference

Pay attention:

If the writing doesnt match the positive criteria in the box you need to mark to the lowest.

Feedback needs to be

  1. Focused
  2. Constructive

so that they can improve their english. praise the good thing of their writing!

INstant feedback sheet:

  • Make a note of consistent errors (structures, word choice, grammar, etc)
  • you dont want to double your work, so just ask the students to have group feedback, peer correction
  • include on or two correct sentences
  • give the feedback to the students and ask them to correct the errors directly


CLIL Grading Writing

Des Kearney


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