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Using Weebly for Students’ Portfolio

My PYP 5 students are working on building their own websites in the weebly. It is very great to know they are very enthusiastic and capable in designing and working on their website. At the beginning of the lesson, I just gave them a very quick introduction of how to use weebly but then look at them now! They are just more expert than me! I downloaded the weebly tutorial from youtube and here is the video that I use to introduce weebly!

After introducing the weebly I was asking them to freely explore weebly. I gave my teaching website as an example. And I was asking my students to think about what things that they need to have in their website.

Giving the students sample of my own website so they’ve got big picture of what they need to have in their website

It seems that I dont need to work hard to teach my “digital native” students about how to use weebly. They are capable to explore and inquire more on how to use weebly.

Krishna was making his “about me” page



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