Inquiry into

“Tumpengan” ritual ceremony with Mr. Seniman

Mr. Seniman’s visit to Sekolah Ciputra

Before we officially started our new unit of Rituals and Traditions, we had a Tumpengan ritual ceremony. Tumpengan ritual ceremony usually aims to thank to God for everything He had given to us. By having this ritual, it is expected that the students could tune in their mind about the new topic “rituals and traditions” as well as get more experience in relation to what they are about to learn.

In order to make more sense of the praying, we invited Mr. Seniman, a tetua adat or a group leader of Made Village, the nearest Hindu village from our school, to come to our school to lead the prayer.  Mr. Seniman is a group leader who is being respected by people in the community.

It was not easy for us to invite him as his schedule was very tight. We needed to wait for days to get confirmation from him. He is usually invited by people to pray for the wedding, circumcision, death ceremony and other  important occasions.

Before eating the yellow rice, Mr. Seniman explained the meaning of each component in the Tumpeng rice. He inserted some jokes, too so that the explanation was more interesting.

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Students were engaged well in the questions and answers sessions. They enthusiastically asked more about the Tumpengan ritual. The most waited part was the eating part. All students couldn’t wait for the eating the yellow rice!

At the end of the ritual session, Mr. Seniman was giving his last speech and said he was so happy to meet us.


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