Born to be a leader VS Leader to be born

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Some people believe that someone is born to be a leader. She is the one who has qualities of being a leader and naturally being put in a position where they are being looked up and is made as an example. But many others believe that leader can be created. They believe that leadership qualities can be shaped and improved.

I my self was born as a leader of my brother and sister. I have 2 younger siblings and obviously I take responsibility to take care and protect them. It seems that it comes very naturally, it is like my nature of being the eldest of all that has shaped my leadership qualities. I remember as my mother was busy to work and she had less time to spend at home, I was the one who replaced my mother’s responsibility at home. I was sixteen at that time when the little brother came to our family. We had a nanny but then I don’t know why I acted like a mother to him and my 12 year old sister. Probably that’s why I have that sense of protecting and nurturing. That’s where the qualities coming from.

Now, in my age of 26 years old, I am a leader of my self and my team. I have been learning, I am learning to be a leader. It is kind of challenging to lead someone, especially if they are just older and more senior than you. I am trying to be a good friend, listener, and model for them, in which doing them are not as easy as I thought, particularly the modelling part. One thing I know, I want to be a good leader and take effort to reach that goal.

Talking about being a good leader, it will invite debates. Many different styles and qualities of leadership can be working as the benchmark, even tough there is no exact standard.

These are some qualities that I value they need to be owned by a good leader:

  1. A good leader has an examplary character. It is important to model the best that we can do as a leader so that our member can put their trust on us. A good leader “walks the talk”. True authority is not born from bossy characteristic but it is born from respect for the good character and trustworthiness of the person who leads.
  2. A good leader empowers others- NOT put the members down. A good leader knows how to make their members improved and know how to “make use” those strengths to support the team to reach the goals. A good leader is someone who supports and put trust on each member’s abilities.
  3. A good leader is people’s person. 

My students and I made this video for our fortnight assembly. Check this out! It’s all about leadership!

And… My students love learning about LEADERSHIP!

COURTESY: Tatik Sumarahati and PYP 5 Teachers an students


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