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#Independent learning: Students decide their own ways to find information

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Yesterday, I attended a key note presentation by Candha Pinsent, our school’s Math advisor. The presentation was about “listening to students’ voices as a springboard to the inquiry learning”.

It reminded me about strategies that I once used in my class room in the beginning of rituals and traditions unit. At that time. I was asking my students to brainstorm with their groups some strategies to find information. It was surprising that students could come up with many strategies to find information. At that point, I was thinking how easy my job is to give the learning to the students without me being so dominated. I felt good and students felt good, too.

I also thought that if I give my students to have more time to think; if I am slower down a little bit the pace of my teaching; if I am listening more from them, it resulted to the very good feelings both me and my students. Students are becoming more independent towards their learning and my job becomes easier and lighter.

Sometimes as a teacher, we need to let the students to jump off the springboard and let them explore both the beauty and the risk of it. If they don’t take risk, they wont be able to see the beauty of learning itself and they wont be able to recognize the greatness of their inquiry and exploration.


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