Inquiry into

Comparing two different cultures: Teeth Sharpening VS Teeth Filing


  • Explore different kinds of rituals from different cultures in Indonesia


Students are able to:

  • Know that each culture has their own ways of expressing their beliefs and values
  • Use the thinking hats to organize their thinking
  • Be open minded and tolerant accepting uniqueness and differences

Language Focus: Rituals, Traditions, cultures, religion, beliefs, chanting, sacred, heritage, worship, festivals, society, ceremony


Group work: Anagram, thinking hats

Individual work: watching videos

Class discussion: reflection, presentatio

Anagram (10’)

  • Tell students about anagram. Explain how it will work.
  • In group, students guess the anagram by reading the provided clues on the wall.
  • The winner is the group who can guess the most words and the fastest to reveal all those words

Watching Videos (10′)

Before watching:

  • Tell students that they are going to watch some videos again- but today they are going to watch two different kinds of videos- whose beliefs and values are the opposite to one another.
  • Ask students to tick the vocabulary from the anagram that may appear in the videos.
  • Students also may

While watching:

Students tick the vocabulary focused.

After watching:

Ask students to explain in what scene of the movie the vocabulary appear. Ask them some guided questions:

What are the differences and similarities between those two videos

Thinking Hats (15’)

Review the use of thinking hats. Tell students that they will only use some hats. Group students by doing a lucky draw.

White hatà information- Black hat à negative side- Yellow hat à positive side- Blue hat à thinking

Divide students into 4 groups

Closing (10’)

Class presentation: Students presents their thinking hats


Students were enganged. They were very interested in those “teeth” rituals. Moreover we have got two primary resources in our classroom, Krishna and Dara, who are Balinese. They shared what they knew about teeth filing ritual in Bali.

The use of thinking tool helped students think and saw the rituals in many different perspectives.

The use of anagram in the beginning of the lesson was great to review the vocabulary learnt.

At the end of the lesson, some students came up with the conclusion that we need to be tolerant, respectful and open minded towards differences.



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