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Flat Classroom Part #2: A Skype Chat with New Friends from Melbourne

Last week, my class had a chance to skype with PYP 6 students from Melbourne, Australia.  I was connected to Hailey Joubert, the PYP 6 teacher, by Edna Sackson through twitter.


Then, Hailey and I were in contact before the skype. We did a trial skype chat a day before to test the connection.


It was our second skype session with students from other country, I had to better prepared this time.

I decided to involve students more this time. We discussed some points for the essential agreement during the skype session as well as dividing jobs for students during the skype.

As always, my students were excited and they just could not wait for the skype. The girls talked about it for many times in a day, and they told their friends from other classes, asked me about this and that. Well,  what I could get it is they were proud and happy to have a chat with other students from other country. It could be clearly seen after our first skype with Ms. Mcgrath’s class last month, my students were still talking about that for long time.

They sat down on the mat, waiting for getting connected.

And finally… We’re getting connected! Yay! -to be continued…



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