Here I am… Learning…

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My first post in 2013.

Friday has always been my favorite day of all since I can spend some time to write and reflect on my days during a week. It is always difficult though to start up blogging after a very long holiday. Many things have happened during these first two weeks back to school. I have been busy with preparing for our current unit about world climate change, planning for the upcoming Leadership unit excursion to Kaliandra, and organizing my prezi presentation for next week workshop for teachers on “Redefining Literacy”. As a teacher and a leader of my team, I feel very lucky to be able to pass through all challenges with the support of my teacher team as well as my students.

Thinking about new year, new resolutions, new dreams…

The past five years of my teaching career has been very influential and rewarding. As a teacher and a leader of my team, I have learned so much about the world, people and life it self.

As a teacher, I am developing.

Remembering my first year of teaching experience. With no background of inquiry based learning, poor classroom management, and no clear teaching philosophy. My class was so noisy and I was very tired yelling out and shouting, “be quite!!!”.

What I thought at that time was I needed to learn as much as I could, I must ask as many questions as possible to my colleagues, and I had to open my mind for new knowledge I got from any training or workshop I attended. That was because I realized that there were many things about my teaching that I needed to develop, I was not feeling good about my teaching.

I enjoyed every single “AHA” moments of my learning journey, the more I know the more I don’t know…

It was in my third year of teaching, at that time I gained more knowledge about teaching and had learnt so much, but still, it was not enough. I felt that I could develop my self more and challenge my self more to the level I want to achieve. I wanted to test my self if I could become a leader of a team. Then I applied for a team leader position. I was accepted.

It was not easy to lead people who were more experienced than you. That was a tough year for me. “What does not kill you make you stronger” had been my thinking frame. I must pass all these difficulties and I could go to the higher level if I could make it. I have learnt many things; team work, honesty, commitment. Being a leader has forced me to always try to become a better person.

I am standing here now, in my fifth years of teaching and two years of leading experience. I come to a conclusion that the higher position you are, the more responsibilities that you have. I am beginning to understand that responsibilities mean duty to be accomplished. I am the master of my own self. I am the force of any possibilities that may happen into my life. But one thing I must do, I won’t stop learning.

In this new beginning of 2013, I want almost many things in life. I want to pursue my dreams. I want to be always a better person. But, most important of all I want to be is want to be useful for people around me; my family, my friends, my community.

Here I am…

I am learning… I won’t stop learning…


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