PYP 5 students learning about Climate Change

Observing the river

Students observed the condition of the rivers around their neighborhood. They organized their observation in the table provided

Recycle Paper

We invited Tunas Hijau, the non government organization which is focusing on environment, to share their knowledge about the 3R (Reuse, reduce, recycle)

Science Experiment (1)

Students did some experiments to proof the happening of greenhouse effects and acid rain.

Observing river (2)

Observing rivers around neighborhood

Outing to the street

We had an outing to the main road. Students observed the numbers of vehicles passing on the road. They wrote what they see, hear, and feel in the Y Chart provided

Science Experiment (2)

Another science experiments!

Skype Session with Australian

We had a skype session with Ms. Jean’s class from Germany!

Skype with other schools

Everyone was busy during the skype!

Painting with SDN Kandangan

We invited PYP 5 students from SDN Kandangan to collaborate with us painting posters for promoting the importance of taking care of the environment

SKype with Ms. Jean's classroom

We had a skype session with some students from Germany

Inviting Tijana

We invited Ms. Tijana, to teach us the basic technique of making poster.


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