Class Project

Current News Event Project

“Keeping up with the news”

As we strive to be global students it is very important that we keep up with the news events that are happening around our world and in our own countries.

Along with quick news quizzes throughout the year I want each student to prepare a presentation to the classes about a “current event”.  Every week we will have students sharing news from around the world. It will be an oral (speaking) presentation and the students will be handing in the written report they have prepared. I will give you examples to follow. Each student will be required to present 4 presentations throughout the year. Students will know well in advance when it is their turn so they will have plenty of time to prepare it.

Students can get the news from the newspaper (English or Indonesian) or the internet. Their report must be spoken and written in English, try to use their own words where possible.

They need to try to keep the news as current (up to date) as possible, for example if they are doing their presentation on Monday, September 2nd, to get the news item from around that week. So they wouldn’t present something that happened 4 weeks ago. They can ask for help before they are to present it- not on the day it is due.


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