D.E.A.R time!

Drop Everything And Read!!!

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In our school, we call it DEAR time (Drop Everything and Read).  DEAR time aims to build the students’ sense of awareness of the importance of reading. It is fifteen minutes after BREAK time; students are doing nothing else but reading their favorite books.

The application in each class is different. Here it goes in our grade (PYP 5)

PYP 5 students have a reading project which will be assessed in every term. There is one winner in each term who reads the most books in the classroom. To know the progress of how many books the students have made, it can be seen from the number of leaves in their reading tree. Reading tree is a tree contains of  leaves. Students are going to get one leaf if they finish reading a book and write a book review of it. The more books they read and review, the more leaves they get, the bigger the opportunity to be “The Best Reader of the Term”, the more improving they are in regards to their reading skills.

Take a look at our reading tree:

Our “Reading Tree” Project




Book Corner organized by the class librarian enables the students to borrow some books. Some students find the book corner is a cozy place to read.

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