My Beliefs in Teaching and Learning

I believe it is essential to create programme which can accomodate the needs of individuals, guide and facilitate the students to take responsibilities in their learning, and support them to achieve their potentials. I give my students opportunities to explore potentials they have through some relevant different kinds of learning engagement which can accomodate all students from different range of abilities, multiple intelligence and learning styles. I try to understand my students’ learning styles as a guidance for me in my planning the inquiry.


2 thoughts on “My Beliefs in Teaching and Learning

  1. Hi
    I am the PYP coordinator at Westwood International School in Botswana and I am really interested to inquire more into what you have done for your exhibition on Who we Are “Global Dimensions” I will appreciate any information you can share with me.


    • Hi Esme,
      Thanks for the response… We just held PYP Exhibition under the theme of Who We Are focusing on Global dimensions (you can visit to know more on Global Dimensions. Central Idea was ” Personal choices can contribute to personal development and participation in the community”… Having Global Dimensions as a big topic is a great idea since it gives more space for “who we are” theme to develop. you can email me at if you have further questions. Hope it can help… thanks

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