Classroom Management

Here are some strategies that I use in managing my classroom; setting up an essential elements, having classroom displays, creating strategies for grouping. Below some files related to my strategies in the classroom:


6C Essential Agreement    

Graphic Organizer    

learning clock buddies    

Personal Inquiry Track     

Making an essential agreement in the first day of school is essential to organize the classroom learning environment

Displaying the framework of the program is beneficial for students as well as teacher to always refer to the IB program

Five Essential Elements in learning; Knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes, action

Displaying PYP Attitude in the classroom so that the students always refer to the PYP attitudes in their learning

students set up personal goals in the very beginning of the school year and they are going to review it back in each term or semester

I tried to encourage the students to use ICT tools in the classroom

working in a group: students learn to develop tolerance and emphathy and learn to live with disagreement

It is one of the essential elements of learning that students have to display PYP Skills in their learning activity

creating a condusive learning environment can result to better learning

creating an information gap: Ask the students to do peer sharing, they have different information to share

The Six Transtheme enables the students to learn about the world around them

Class Display: PYP Action Cycle helps students in doing reflection


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