Reading Project

DEAR Time (Drop Everything and Read)

In regards to increase students’ awareness in reading books, my school has applied and provided special reading time for students. We call it “DEAR” time (some other schools probably have got also the other version of reading time). 15 minutes a day means a lot to improve the students’ reading skills and their sense of loving book.

The application in each class may be different. In our class, here it goes:

– we have a book review project in order to make the students able to express their understanding of the book they have read.

– – I have the record of the books that they have read and in the end of the term I can see who the best reader of the term is. There will rewards for the best reader and it’s going to be announced in every term (there will be small prize of course).

Download here to get the sample of student work on book review

Book Review Sample Helena Faustine

Book Review Sample Beverly Allan

Buddy Reading

Christo read the book for the lower grade students

To enhance the students’ interests in reading books, in English lesson, Mr. Neil cooperated with the other English literacy teachers, have got buddy reading program. I think it was a good program since grade six students shared and told stories to the lower grade students.

Next future, I want to do it in my class room. I would like to cooperate with the other teachers from the lower grade and have this kind of buddy reading program.


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