IB Workshop on Transdisciplinary Teaching (February 12th-13th, 2010)

IB Workshop on Transdisciplinary was held in February 12th and 13th, 2010. Transdisciplinary theme teaching workshop aimed to further develop teacher  understanding of the 6 main themes that make up the IB curriculum. It will help update teachers’ knowledge about global educational trends, which will in turn improve the quality of teaching and learning in our school. The presenters were Donnah Ciempka and Hamidah.


The workshop has given me deeper understanding on how transdisciplinary means in PYP. It makes me aware that collaboration of single subjects and the application of the five essential elements in planning and teaching is very important. It is also essential to integrate knowledge across discipline, unit or range of age and abilities since It gives opportunities for students to elaborate all learning elements when constructing meaning during their inquiry learning journey. It also enables students to find connection in every subject in curriculum which enrich their understanding and broaden their knowledge about the world around them.

After attending the workshop, I also gained deeper understanding of how teachers could promote and ensure transdisciplinary link across curriculum. We agreed that in doing our planning we need to be more flexible and give more opportunity for single subject to develop links of all areas of five essential elements. In planning, we should have collaborative planning through central idea, concepts or attitude and profiles. It is to ensure that the learning is not stand alone subject instead it has connection with other subjects.

I get more understanding on how we can examine the transdisciplinary nature of the program of inquiry happen in our school. I understand that to examine the transdisciplinary happen, it needs the collaboration from all teachers, PYP coordinators. It can be seen through the reflection in each unit of inquiry at the end of the year to see the connection between central idea and transdisciplinary theme happen in the classroom. Also, the assessment needs to always refer to the central idea and lines of inquiry. The collaboration with the single subjects can be seen throgh concepts, lines of inquiry, attitudes, skills, and profiles. It is important to always evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum through program standard and practices.


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