PYP Exhibition 2011: “Express yourselves to make a better world”

PYP Exhibition enables the students to develop themselves to be a confident and long-life learner

The 2011 PYP Exhibition is taking place under the transdisciplinary theme of “How We Express Ourselves”. This theme is an inquiry into the ways in which we discover and express ideas, feeling, nature, culture, beliefs and values; the ways in which we reflect on, extend and enjoy our creativity; our appreciation of the aesthetic.

The video shows the students were singing “I have a Dream” in their PYP Exhibition Day.

PYP Exhibition Process

The Exhibition preparation started in November 2010 but the official process began in February 2011. During the process, students made their own central idea and lines of inquiry. Students are working in groups based on their area of interest. Each group has one teacher in charge and mentor(s), who are members of our school teaching staff, to guide the students as they move through the process of completing the Exhibition. This guidance may come in many ways, such as assistance with the research, listening to students’ ideas about the topic, providing additional information to help students gain a better understanding of their topics, and help with the organization of time, ideas and materials.

In the PYP Exhibition, students explored the issues they were interested in

The Exhibition Day was held in April 16th, 2011. The students presented their achievement and process in front of their parents, teachers and some visitors, There were some groups which presented live performance such as drama and puppet show. The other groups expressed themselves through various kinds of ways; photography, making blogs and website, cooking, etc. It was a great success of the students and it has shown a great collaboration among students, parents, teachers, and community.


Gwen confidently presented her group’s Exhibition process to the lower grade students

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