How the World Works: Earth and Solar System

PYP 6 2010/2011

How the World Works: Earth and Solar System

Regina and her "Moon Phase" project

In this unit, students  inquire more into the world of science, especially the study of Earth and Solar System. Students are exploring some natural phenomena caused by the position of Erath in the Solar System through the lens of scientific principal and method; how the phenomena are seen and analyzed by scientific method. In the final project, students choose one the natural phenomena and express their understanding on the analysis of how the natural phenomena happen based on basic scientific principles. Students need to demonstrate their understanding by doing scientific experiment.

Students display excellent research skills as well as thinking skills since they are going to demonstrate their understanding of the natural phenomena by having a scientific experiment. Also students need to organize the result of their experiment by writing a scientific report and analyze based on the basic scientific principles.

students in group proudly presented their "Solar Sytem Model"

Young Scientist Day: Students demonstrate their understanding about their chosen natural phenomena by conducting scientific experiment

Young Scientist Day: Grade 5 students came to have a visit and were happy finding out information from the PYP 6 students

Below are some files of planner and resources that I used in teaching Earth and Solar System unit.


Download file UOI How the World Works Highlights

Download planner Lesson Plan How the World works

Suggested Resources:

Download file scientific-method-handout

Download file scientific-method-poster


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