Sharing the Planet: Sharing Our Humanity

 PYP 6 2010/2011 

Sharing the Planet  : Sharing Our Humanity

Students expressed their understanding about what it means by sustainability and a sustainable action by making a comic strip

In this unit, the students learn about the World Six Global Issues; poverty, infectious disease, digital divide, peacekeeping and conflict resolution and natural disaster. Students examine the global issues (reasons, facts, effects) in detail. They relate one issue to another issue and find out that one issue can lead to be the cause or impact of another issue.

After the students understand and build connection, they need to choose one major issue they are interested in to study further. They are required to find out one problem in their nearby society (can be at home, school, classroom, neighborhood, local) need to find out the causes and impacts of the issue and use their creative thinking skills to propose a sustainable and feasible solution to minimize the impacts of the chosen issues. The students organize their ideas or thoughts to solve the problem in the form of an action proposal. In the action proposal, they nee to explain the background or reasons they are concerning about their ssues. Also they need to describe in detail about their proposed solution to minimize the bad impacts of the issues.

Valeria, Vira and Shania visited a local school as a part of their taking action related to Education for all issue

Beverly and Jennifer showed their awareness of educational issues by teaching in an orphanage

 Students are recommended to make realize their action proposal as well as they need to keep the evidence of the action and do reflection about the sustainability of their action. Here are some some files of planner and resources that I have used in teaching the unit.

Download file UOI Sharing the Planet PYP 6 Highlights

Download lesson plan 6C PYP 6C Sharing the Planet Planner

Download file Case Study on Sharing Our Humanity

Download file LOCAL TO GLOBAL Chart

Download file How Can I Effect Change

Download file Sample of Action Propos

Download file Sustainability and Sustainable comic


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