Where We are in Time and Place: Past Civilization

PYP 6 2010/2011

Where We Are in Place and Time

Gabby proudly shows her Batik

 In this unit, the students are inquiring into past civilizations and their relevance to the present life. Students display their research skills by finding out information about some evidence of past civilization (culture, development, traditions, buildings, norms, laws, or values) from different kinds of civilizations. Then, they need to compare and contrast the past life evidence to the present life, different functions, different values and perspectives, etc.

The main aims of the unit are to make the students aware that our ways of life today has been greatly influenced by the existence of the past civilizations. Therefore, in the end of the unit, it is expected that students can come up with some idea to express their awareness in appreciating and preserving the past heritage. Also, they need to justify the reasons why it is important to learn from the past and preserve the past heritage.

We are collaborating with the specialist teachers; PE and Mandarin teachers. In PE, students are introduced to some traditional sports and games from Indonesia. In Mandarin, students are exploring the China civilization through the historical buildings and tales.

Here are some files that I have used in teaching the past civilization unit.

Download file Heritage Haggling lesson plan and Reflection

Download file PYP 6 Where We Are in Place and Time Highlights

Lesson plan download here PYP 6C Where We Are in Time and Place


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