It’s a new beginning…


Have you ever felt scared of being in your comfort zone?

Have you ever felt that you have not enough power to make a difference?

Have you ever thought doing anything differently to get new perspectives in life?

Have you ever searched for your self and happiness?

Have you ever imagined life without being honest to your self?

I was facing one of the biggest challenges in my life which is to decide where I should step up next. I am actually a type of a person who feels scared of being in my comfort zone. I felt I needed new challenges to face and make me a better and improved person. I need to do something different in my life.

And this new school year I decided to move job to another school. I got a job on the edge of Papuan jungle. It is beyond my comfort zone, indeed. I had no idea what challenges I will face but I took the chance. I came with an open mind and heart.

It is not easy but I am trying to learn from the new environment I live in, the new friends that I meet. That is the key; always willing to learn and never loose your enthusiasm.

It is a new beginning. It is the new life. I am ready for new challenge. I am ready to learn new things. I am ready for a new chapter in my life…



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