SEN Teaching Ideas

Math Topic: ANGLE types and characteristics

Lesson Aim: Review types of Angles and characteristics of Angle

1. Review: (The Angle’s Family)

  • Show the angles family prezi slide Task: Who am I game
  • Draw the Angle’s family using protractor
  • Task: In an A4 paper provided, draw the angles family:

–      Draw Mr. Obtuse Angle= 150◦

–      Draw Mrs. Right Angle= 90◦

–      Draw Baby Acute Angle= 65◦

–      Draw Reflex Angle= 240◦

2. Online activity: Using protractor to estimate Angle

Task: using protractor to measure and estimate angle

3. Enrichment

Playing online game: Kungfu Angle

Task: shoot the enemy by estimating the angle

4. Reflection


If you can describe your feeling through this picture about your learning about Angle, which picture do you choose?


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