Bahasa Indonesia Integration (UOI)

Bahasa Indonesia lesson integrated with UOI (Sample of planner and worksheet)

Alex was practising his interview technique using Bahasa Indonesia. He found out information about the process of making bakpia

Bahasa Indonesia is a mother tounge language for most students in my school. Teachers have got three hours lessons per week to teach Bahasa Indonesia in the classroom. In the planning, we need to be concern about the connection between the students’ learning in the unit of inquiry and the lesson plan that teachers have made. We must do our best to enable the students to make connection to what they have learnt in UOI by adjusting our planner as well as the skills, knowledge and strands that we want to focused on.

Here are some samples of planners and worksheets of Bahasa Indonesia lesson integration with UOI when I taught a unit of past civilization:

Here are some samples of planners and worksheets of Bahasa Indonesia integration with UOI in the topic of Governmental System:

4 thoughts on “Bahasa Indonesia Integration (UOI)

  1. Hallo,
    Selamat pagi, saya Febby guru Bahasa Indonesia (grade 3-5) di GMIS Bali. Saya baru di PYP dan saya sangat membutuhkan bantuan anda yang sudah berpengalaman di PYP. Saya ingin menanyakan untuk paper work BI yang seharusnya kita persiapkan itu apa saja yaa, jika tidak keberatan bisa tolong dikirimkan contoh-contoh untuk paper work bagi guru Bahasa Indonesia, saya sudah mendownload planner yang ada di blog ini. Jika masih ada lagi bisa tolong dikirimkan ke email saya, terima kasih.

    Terima Kasih,

    • Halo, Febby! Thanks for visiting… Wah… Kalau boleh tau, apa detailnya yang ingin ditanyakan? Paper work yang seperti apa yah? Planner? Atau kurikulum? Kalau di sekolah saya Bahasa Indonesia selalu integrasi dengan unit of inquiry dan kita sesuaikan juga dengan kurikulum pemerintah untuk language focus nya….Thanks yaaa… you can send me an email for further info

  2. Hello Tantri, I am first meet you. I read your journal and it can help me for think UOI in Bahasa Indonesia language. Thank you very much my friend.

  3. Hai Tantri,
    Hebat banget bisa buat situs seperti ini. Keren. Menurut saya, situs ini sangat membantu. Mantap. Lanjutkan!!

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