PYP Exhibition Learning Journey: Journal made by Diversity group

Here is the sample of students journal in the Exhibition

Tuning In

We had “Rocket writing” to show our prior knowledge about cultural diversity by answering the questions like what we know, feel, want to find out, and ways to find out the information about cultural diversity.

My group also used “Post Box” strategy to share our prior knowledge about cultural diversity. Each member of the group shares our understanding about multiculturalism, some effects of cultural diversity and ways to deal with differences. Veve perceived multiculturalism as something we need to accept and thankful for that because each person needs to accept others to learn about new things. Samantha knew that multiculturalism means many kinds of cultures which include tradition, celebration, religion, and rituals. She also knew that every person from different places and regions has different culture. Michael said that multiculturalism is more than one culture or a lot of cultures. After that we shared our prior knowledge to the other groups and it was being recorded as a video.

Finding InfoFor our finding info stage, we did an excursion to some places around Surabaya which were relevant to our topic. The first place was Kecamatan Sambi Kerep office. We would like to know about how government deals with diversity challenge by having a discussion with Mr. Uripno as a Secretary of Camat. We found out that they used the forum strategy (Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama) which gathers some religious leaders to share and talk about issues happening in the society. We also visited Hindus temple to know about how the Hindu’s people react towards cultural diversity in Desa Made. We also visited a local school to do survey and later on invite them for coming to our action day.

excursion to government office" kecamatan sambikerep

The next day, we visited House of Sampoerna to know more about past culture of Surabaya through buildings, food, etc. Also, we visited Buddhist temple in Kia Kia to find out more on how Buddhist people do their ritual and how they live together with the other people from different religion. Kia Kia is known as a place where blend culture live together there (Chinese, Maduraness, Dutch, Javanese, Arabnese). Next, we went to the most religious place for Moslem, which named “Masjid Sunan Ampel”. We found out ways how people there can adapt to different society and the history of the mosque, also the ethic of being a Moslem. At the end we found out that Moslem respect the other people from different religion.

We went to CCCL to find out more on how France people react to differences. Mr. Pierre as native France explained more about France; government, culture, religion, ethics, etc. He said that French really accept towards differences. There were some students asking about what diversity challenge faced by France government and how the government react to the diversity challenges.

Encompasstrust was also becoming the primary resources. Encompasstrust is an organization concern on the promotion of tolerance and understanding among difference. We found out that some of the alumni experienced joining exchange program to UK. They met many people form different and made friends with them so that they could at least change their stereotype about each other. We also did some activities which were very interesting and they helped us with our action. They gave us some suggestion for our Mini Conference. We plan to do some games and activities they suggested in our action day.

Besides outing, we also have done some strategies. We have done research more on cultural diversity from making a survey in,, and We also did some research in the internet to find out more.

 Sorting Out

We used some strategies in the Sorting Out stage. We made power point presentation about cultural diversity / outing report and connect all of our finding to our central idea and lines of inquiry. We also did note taking for the information we have got from the survey and make it as a report for Bahasa Indonesia lesson.

Going Further

For this going further stage, we made an action proposal. We proposed an action on “Children Mini Conference on Diversity and Conflict and Resolution”. In the proposal, we proposed our reasons and also our planning for this mini conference. In this mini conference, we invited around 6 schools that have different backgrounds. The aims of the conference are to make friends with them despite of the differences among us, at the end we made a declaration on resolving conflict and respecting diversity.

In the going further stage we also need to prepare everything for our mini conference. We visited some schools to share our knowledge on diversity and brief explanation about the mini conference. We gave them some tasks to do before they join the mini conference. At the end, we expect them to come to our mini conference.

visit to other schools to invite them to the mini conference

clik here if want to follow another journal of Exhibition by Sarah Verina reflection-essay-by-sarah-verina


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