About Me

My name is Tantri Almira Wardhani. I am a dynamic and passionate Primary Years Program Teacher, specializing particularly within the International Baccalaureate and Early Years program. I believe I have chosen a unique job as a primary teacher with a very special responsibility to young children and their families. My interest in teaching began while working on my Bachelor of Arts in English Linguistics (graduated in 2007). I taught English at IALF Bali and I began thinking about becoming a teacher full time. My decision to work with children was further strengthened by the joy of teaching young kids and my willingness to have my own classroom as a homeroom teacher.

I got my first homeroom teaching job at the international school of Ciputra, Surabaya, Indonesia. It is one of the biggest IB schools in Indonesia. I enjoyed working with Grade 5/6 students. Working with them during the PYP Exhibition process was the most rewarding and exciting journey. I knew that I was ready to start a new adventure when I got a job opportunity from one of the IB schools in the West Papua, New Guinea.

From a big city of Surabaya to a very remote area in the middle of Papuan rain forest, it was such an adventure. I lived in a company town purpose-built owned by one of the largest gold and copper mining companies in Indonesia. I taught Grade 5 students and enjoyed my back-to-nature simple life living in the middle of the jungle. I had wonderful two years working and teaching in there. The most incredible experience is to be able to teach indigenous children from some native local tribes such as Kamoro and Amungme. They taught me a lot about different kinds of animals and plants species living in a tropical rain forest. They also kindly shared their traditions, ways of living and culture. The unique cultural experience has broaden my insights of different cultures and awareness of indigenous children.

Papua New Guinea was my next move after West Papua. Both countries are located in the island of New Guinea and are the world’s least explored countries, culturally and geographically. Papua new Guinea is an Oceanian country that occupies the eastern half of the island of New Guinea. The western half of New Guinea forms the Indonesian provinces of Papua and West Papua. I lived in a town site called Tabubil.

Following my passion to teach while discovering new cultures, China is my second international teaching experience after Tabubil. My school is located in the Northeastern part of China. It borders Russia to the East, the North Korea to the Southeast, and the inner Mongolia to the West. The winter is very cold and long last for about five to six months. The lowest temperature can go down to -35C. It’s pretty freezing cold up here. I have adapted the cold weather very well and get use to wear warm jackets and socks. I love teaching and living in China. I met my fiancé here and we enjoy the traveling opportunities China offers to us. I love the amazing experience of working with children while living overseas.

When not actively teaching, I love to try new recipes, read some books, practice yoga, and explore new places with my fiancé. I am now pursuing my post Baccalaureate and Master of Arts in Elementary Education. I try my best to keep the balance between work at school, my studies and my personal life.


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