Technology Summative Task: 

Make a proposal and create a prototype to suggest their future technology plan


You are a techno-preneur who is going to predict some sort of technology in the future. To do this, you have to choose one specific technology (e.g. telephone, PC, television, etc.) and analyze the developments, including the impacts to the society.


  • Choose one interesting device or tool that is to explore
  • Create a prototype/ sketch of the future technology (visual art)
  • Organize a proposal for the suggested future technology (describe the weaknesses of the current technology, propose their suggested solution, justify the reasons of their solution, give detailed information about their suggested future technology)

Here are some samples of the students‘ works

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 Watching a video of Wall-E

Time Allotment       : 45 minutes

WALT                     : Students are able to understand the causes and effects of technology development

WILF                      :

  • Students are able to answer the guided questions provided
  • Students taking notes about the information they get from the movie
  • Students share their findings orally with their groups and in the class discussion

Learning Stages      :


Students are able to make prediction about the movie that they are going to watch by answering the guided questions.

Language of instruction:

  • Before watching the movie you need to answer some guided questions first.
  • Individually, you need to answer the questions based on your prediction. (Give example)
  • You write your answer in your UOI book.
  • You have 10 minutes to answer those 10 questions.

Guided Questions:

  1. Who/ what is Wall-E?
  2. What does he do?
  3. How does the future world look like in the movie?
  4. Where and when is the movie taken place?
  5. How do people communicate in the movie?
  6. How do people do their task?
  7. Do they make friends? If yes, how?
  8. Do they go to school? If yes, how?
  9. What happened when the girl was disconnected by Wall-E?
  10. What are the effects of technology that you can conclude from the movie?

ICQ (Instruction checking Questions):

  • Are you going to answer the questions by finding out from internet/ asking friends?
  • Are you going to work with your peer or group?
  • Where do you need to write down your prediction and answers? Are you going to type it in your laptop?
  • How long do you have to finish the task?

While watching

Language of instruction:

  • You are going to watch a movie entitled “Wall-E”.
  • While watching, all you need to do is:
  1. Check your answer/ prediction if it is wrong or right
  2. Write down the information you have got from the video to answer the guided questions in your UOI book

Instruction Checking Questions:

  • What are the two things that you need to do while watching the video?
  • Are you going to write down the information and answers in your UOI book?
  • Are you going to chat with your friends while watching?

After watching

  1. In a class discussion, check the students’ prediction about the movie (Ask one or two volunteers to answer the questions based on their prediction and discuss the right information)

Concept Checking Questions (CCQ):


So, who is Wall E? What does he do?

 (Based on the guided questions)

  1. In a group discussion, Students in a group of four discuss the causes and effects of technology development found in the movie. Organize their findings by using a T- Chart or Flow chart.



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