Sekolah Ciputra SEN Workshop (Jan 11th and Jan 25th, 2011)

Sekolah Ciputra SEN Workshop (Jan 11th and Jan 25th, 2011)

with the key note speaker, Mr. Hari Santoso

The presenter was Hari Santoso, Sekolah Ciputra SEN teacher. The workshop aims to support teachers in dealing with children with special needs in the mainstream classroom. The presenter gave some strategic plans to be applied for the special need students in the mainstream classroom.

From the workshop I can build some conclusion:

  • The use of structure and management processes at home and school is important. Make sure you have rules posted. Have rewards and penalties. Be consistent and follow through
  • If we deal with special need students it is recommended if we state the child’s behavior and not labeling them. Diagnose can only be made by professionals.
  • As teachers, all we can do is by supporting their learning. We also need to be empathetic to the parents’ denial. Giving the parents more understanding and support will affect them to give a more way of positive attitudes towards the children’s conditions.
  • Use goal setting and reward signs of growth and progress when working towards goals. Positive reinforcement works, negative reinforcement is not allowed since it simply destroys self-esteem. Use Stop, Think, Act approach to problem solving.
  • Help the child/student to realize they are accountable for their decisions/actions they make. Provide a great deal of encouragement and support. Help the child/student focus on areas of personal strength to enhance self-esteem. Involve them in activities that make them feel good about their performance. Use positive language and self-talk.

It is not impossible anymore to apply an inclusive education in our classroom. It is a challenge, indeed but all we can do as teachers is always supporting and doing our best in order to accommodate the students learning o achieve their goals. That is what we call “the art of teaching”.

(Surabaya, February 9th, 2011)


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